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The Sky Is Crying

The skies are dark enough that I am grateful for the backlit keyboard. I can’t see a thing! The rain comes and goes like a little kid playing with a faucet. Downpour to a trickle and everything in between. And it just gets darker and darker.

Today will be my busiest day of the week. I need to write this, cover a meeting in Elk Rapids, go to Traverse and get my paperwork from the bank, go to Mom’s for a bit, come home and spend some time with Chris before he leaves for work, write my article and send it then go to another meeting at 6pm. I hope to get that article written tonight before bed. If not, I will have to get up extra early to get that done before my court time.

I am going to have to mow on my next day off. The front yard is looking very shaggy. The back is quickly following suit. I also have a birthday party that I promised to attend on Saturday after work. I missed her graduation party, so I really need to make it Saturday.

Work is still fun, but I am constantly busy. No more just hanging around and chatting. If I am sitting in the office, I am working on something. Yesterday I got the first draft of my cigarette order done (I look at it every day I work and update it that way the order is ready for Thursday), I got as much liquor out as I could and then made my liquor order, but I wasn’t able to get to the beer cave. I know the carry outs were working on it for me, but it was looking pretty bare when I left. I made myself leave even after seeing that. I would’ve been there for several more hours had I succumbed to that urge.

I see by the clock on here that I need to wrap this up and get going. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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