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What Am I Doing?

I just want the week over. There is so much going on. Too much. And so much seemingly going wrong. But my week is just beginning. I don’t seem to find pleasure. Just anxiety.

Stella has come over to be with me on the loveseat as I type this. I feel like a walking time bomb. My dreams last night reflected that.

Hopefully I won’t have to stay late again for work. But I am not going to leave my job unfinished. It is hard enough hoping that the carry outs will make it a point to fill the beer cave for me. People are trying to help. But sometimes things just end up worse. So I am not sure what to do in the end.

I am sorry that this post (as well as several others lately) are not positive. I am hoping that this is a rough patch that will soon be behind me. The next four days will either make me or break me. So much crammed in right now.

I took a few photos last night as the sun was going down. I hope you like them. Thanks fir reading and stay safe.

2 thoughts on “What Am I Doing?”

    1. I thought I had lost you! Your message did not show up on my phone app and I just found this on my computer. 😲 I love my orange daylillies! They seem so bloom all summer here. And thank you for the compliment!

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