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Too Much?

It is a sleepy sort of morning. I actually slept the whole night through, for which I am grateful. Yesterday was a bit chaotic at work. All the products being delivered in the back and no room for. I spent pretty much my whole morning scrambling to get my beer cave (a big walk-in cooler that customers can go in to see further selections of my stock) filled back up (there has been no upkeep since the previous manager left… well very little) and I had no idea where anything was. Add to that the usual things a shift manager is required to do (breaks, returns and any issues that might crop up) and I was beyond ready to leave at 1pm.

I did manage to get the front of my coolers restocked and I had help to get some of the inside restocked, but the inside was a mess. And not from customers. When some of the distributors came in, they just put their product wherever never mind what the stickers say. I asked one of the carry outs if she would do what she could to fill the rest of the inside for me. When I got home and relatively calmed down, I sent a message to my manager asking how I was supposed to do all this and be a shift manager. Did he want me to come in earlier or stay later? Because it wasn’t going to be able to be done in the time frame of a normal shift for me. Not this time of year. I have no response as of yet. I also called up the paper and asked if there was anyone that could cover my meeting that night. I inadvertently demonstrated my exhaustion by calling the paper’s owner by my editor’s name. I mean I was embarrassed enough backing out on what was supposed to be my first article back after taking the month of June off but then to make that faux pas?

I have today off, and I am supposed to have a writing date with a friend. We were supposed to meet in Kalkaska, but I don’t know if I really want to go anywhere. I feel bad because I am forever making excuses not to leave the house on my days off. There is so much of the world I am missing because I am just too tired to go anywhere and do anything. Monday I will be all over and exhausted. I have a morning meeting, after that I will drive to Traverse to get some paperwork from my bank, then go to Mom’s and help her with some stuff and a meeting that night. Tuesday morning I need to be at the courthouse by 9:15am. Then Wednesday morning is when I go to get my tattoo fixed. I feel my panic rising even thinking about it. Add all the new challenges at work and my brain starts to shut down.

Maybe I’ll just stay home today. I think I have all the ingredients to make a quiche. We can cook it in the smoker. Chris said he would be happy to hide out in the mancave while we do our writing. It is a cooler day so we can sit outside (there are several spots to choose from) to write if we want. I just need a break from the outside world for a bit.

Ok, I have gone on long enough. I need to wrap this up. Thanks for listening. Stay safe!

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