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Beginnings and Just Getting Started

I am trying to gear myself up to face the day. I let myself sleep in (again). I ended up working an eleven-hour shift yesterday. We were very very busy and I got to be manager and the courtesy/gas counter person. By the time my help started to arrive we were getting lines that reached the back of the store. And it pretty much stayed that way. Once my shift was over I gave a break (the night manager was scrambling to get things figured out) and then I spent the next hour or so doing my liquor order. It took me a while to get it all figured out on the new laptop but I did. I had my laptop balanced trying to get close enough to read the numbers on the tags to get my order in. We were wiped out of so many things! That is what took the longest. I had to order about 3/4 of what we carry. I even forgot to add the new shooters until after it was placed. I might try to add them today to see if they arrive on Friday.

We have friends that want to spend the day with us. I a) don’t want to really go anywhere and b) I don’t want to leave Stella at home by herself. I suppose they could come over if they wanted. I don’t know. I am mad at myself for sleeping so late. I feel as though I have lost a good chunk of my day. I slept about twelve hours. I want to putter around the house and I need to do some writing (spending time with other writers has not spurred me to more writing as I had hoped). I am just frustrated with myself. I feel as though I am doing nothing that I want to. Even if I am. I guess I am angry because of the things I am not doing. Again I am back to balance.

I need to make myself a list. I find that if I make a list then I can actually physically see what I need to do and make an actual check mark when I do it. Some days the sight of a small check mark can do wonders.

I did have a lot of fun people yesterday at work. One of my customers (well she is really a friend now) brought me an adorable little red bat that is a stress ball. His chest says “hell” but right below that in tiny, tiny print it says Michigan. (There is a real Hell, Michigan. We also have Paradise, Michigan and Christmas, MIchigan.) I adore this little bat! I used him quite a bit in his stress ball capacity yesterday. There were some moments….

Well everyone is awake so I am going to wrap this up. I will share a few photos including one of my little red bat. I hope everyone has a great day! Stay safe and thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Beginnings and Just Getting Started”

  1. I hope you have a good 4th. I’m resting in bed right now even though the house-especially the kitchen- is a mess. I got waylaid this morning when I was going to clean….ugh. But, it will all be there when I get back up lol Don’t beat yourself up. Take care!

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