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Brief and Teary

This is going to have to be very short as I don’t have much time this morning. I couldn’t bring myself to get up any earlier. I’ve only got a few hours of sleep as it is.

Yesterday did go pretty well until I was shown the puppies we were thinking about getting. Then it all rather fell apart.

Today is Dad’s birthday. He turns 80 years old. How can he be 80? I need to send him a text and email later today. I don’t want to wake him up with any of his phone notifications.

I will add some repeat photos and try to get some new ones later today. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

5 thoughts on “Brief and Teary”

  1. Thinking of you and hope you had a good day and got to tell your Dad happy birthday. Don’t worry about waking him, just call! This is said from a place of deep grief because I lost my Dad last year 💔 if I could, I would ring him ANY TIME OF DAY just to hear his voice. Have you decided on the puppy you’ll get?

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    1. Thank you❤️ I ended up working a long shift and was only able to send a text to him. But we plan on FaceTiming Friday (he lives in Montreal Canada). I am so very sorry about your Dad❤️‍🩹
      As to a puppy… I know I want another male and I am biased toward Pittys (best dogs ever!) but I am trying to be open to anyone that needs a home.


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