Friends Make a Difference

Another late post. Company didn’t go home until around 3am last night and it was soooo worth it! I am blessed to have such amazing people in my life that I can call friends! They arrived with pizza and a special bucket of love for both me and Stella. The bucket (which I believe I will fill with ice and a six pack of Corona later today) has a bag of dark chocolate Dove candies, a bag of Rachael Ray treats and a small grey blanket wrapped up with a little balloon sticking in it that reads “Thinking of You.” They knew that today would be hard because it is Essie’s birthday. She would’ve been 12 years old.

I had forgotten that both of them write so it was nice to be able to enjoy time with both of them. We read each other’s work and voiced our opinions. It turns out we are all pretty good. If we can keep each other going through the year I think we all might be able to have something to publish. I think having someone outside of themselves to bounce things off of helped too. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they preferred my original beginning to my novel over what I had cobbled together for class. I had been told to start in the middle of the action. So I did. It didn’t feel right for the story, but I tried. It was nice to hear from other writers that I was right. We mostly discussed our writing this time around. We didn’t put pen to paper. We were too caught up in exchanging ideas. The plan is to meet once a month and do what we did last night but my one friend wants to try to maybe meet once a week to actually sit down and write. Friday is the day we are shooting for since I seem to have that off on a semi regular basis. But we’ll see. I am very excited to have other writers to hang out with in person.

Stella was busy all day yesterday. Even before they arrived. I am shocked that she got up when she did. I apologized to her because I will probably inadvertently call her Essie today. It is another beautiful day so I think the majority will be spent inside. I need to set my alarm before I forget. Ok. I need to be at work by 5am tomorrow. It will mean a 9 hour day but that is a little easier if part of it is without people. It is going to be a zoo all weekend. I dread going in today. I don’t work but I want to see this demo that has been set up. There was a flurry of text messages yesterday from work because there was a demo gal there to set up and no one knew anything about it. So, I did the leg work and found out what was going on. There are free tee shirts involved and I want one! Besides, I deserve it for “working” on my day off! lol But honestly, I want to sample the wares (vodka sparkling water concoctions) because it we are going to sell them (they will be part of the beer department) I need to be able to recommend them and explain the flavors. So I will brave the crowds. I was hoping to be told when they were going to set up today but no word yet.

I see this is getting a bit long so I will stop here. I’ll share some new photos as well. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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