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I hope today is better. Yesterday’s lows were very low. We are supposed to have rain all day.I am ok with that because we need it. The weather has been so weird all over the world! It is warmer here than in Hawaii a lot of days!

Later this morning I will be learning the fine art of liquor ordering. I need to touch base with the owner and find out what I will be using to order once I get the hang of things (it is currently on a coworker’s laptop).

Truly what is really eating at me is that I was served papers yesterday here at home regarding outstanding medical charges. The amount they are suing me for is almost 4 times what I was told was left. So I will be responding Monday morning with my own letter at the courthouse. The basics of it is that I am asking them to show what has been paid for and what has not. Also what has been covered by my insurance. I have repeated asked the doctors for this but I have been told that it’s not possible because everyone has their own billing system. So they need to show me what is owed and for what. I refuse to merely hand over money anymore.

I did not sleep well but when I could get to sleep I did get some deep sleep. I think I need to clean out the filters in the AC units. Every night now I wake up having to cough because my throat gets too dry. I keep a big glass of water beside my bed but I have been wiping that out over the course of the night because of coughing fits.

I haven’t taken any new photos. I will try to remember when I get home this afternoon. If it doesn’t rain then I will be out watering my plants after work. Everyone is looking healthy so hopefully we will be getting some fruits and peppers soon. I need to clean out at least one raised bed this week. My next day off won’t be until this coming Friday so I will need to squeeze something in before then. So off to work I go. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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  1. I hope you get the medical bills sorted. And you are so smart to make them show actual paperwork and specifics. I’ve run into many billing errors, double billing, etc. It’s ridiculous, and there’s no one looking out for you except you! Sometimes, the bill can be negotiated for a lower amount, too. God’s speed to you!

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