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Good News For the Busy Bee

Oh morning how I don’t want to be with thee! I’d much rather be asleep after an 11 hour shift of dealing with the public! But it is a short shift and I have tomorrow off. I can make it. I hope. Baby Stella has chosen to get up with me this morning. I feel blessed because I pretty much came home, fed her and let her out, showered and went to bed.

I got called in early to learn that I got another promotion. I can now add liquor manager to my ever expanding repertoire. It came with a raise as well. All I have to do is learn the ordering system. The coworker what had the department before me will be showing me that part hopefully Sunday morning. The rest of the day I was hoping. I don’t think I really sat down unless I was counting drawers. And I even got to those late because I was so busy.

I guess I will be receiving a gift from a customer I helped last night at the gas pumps. He was trying to put gas in the car while his wife got groceries. He’d just had a stroke and was still getting around with a cane. He came to the gas window apologizing that he needed help because he put his credit card in the slot that the receipt came out of and couldn’t get it out. He was so sweet and kept apologizing. I told him that he wasn’t the first and certainly wouldn’t be the last. I worked on the machine for almost an hour and still couldn’t get the card out (coworkers came out later and were able to get it out… someone else had gotten their card stuck and not bothered to tell anyone so we had two cards). I took their name and number and called them when we retrieved the card. While I was trying to get the card out we chit chatted. They were from downstate and we talked about the Detroit area (since that is where I grew up). He was very interesting and we had fun. He and his wife were so grateful that it wasn’t made into a big deal that they are bringing me a “gift” for everything. I told them no but they were insistent. As it was the stinker tucked a $20 into my pocket.😊

About a third of our freezers were down as well. So an added bonus was that the frozen delivery was left out (long story and not our fault). As a result several packs of ice cream were unsaleable. However they were still edible. Since we got credit for the mishap we were able to share the ice cream (bars and popsicles) with the staff. We had enough for both day and night shift. That brightened everyone’s day!

I see I have been rather long winded this morning. If you’ve made it this far thanks for reading and stay safe! Oh and the photos are repeats. I hope to have fresh photos for tomorrow!😊

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