Trying For Two (or Too… Much?)

Another heat advisory has been issued until 8pm tonight. I have had both AC units on all night, so the house is pretty comfortable. Stella and I both started getting warm as the sun went down last night so I turned on the unit in the living room. It was 72F (22C) when I got up. And today is the first day of Summer! Yay!

I have noticed that the mouse pad on my laptop no longer works. I am not sure why. I am grateful that I have the wireless one. Stella has gotten up not long after I did. She is currently ensconced on the couch. I am avoiding talking about Mom. But here goes. I decided to cancel her doctor’s appointment. Even though I do not agree with it I understand why she did it. Without giving too much detail there where physical issues that would prevent her from getting to the doctor without causing more issues. So, I am encouraging her to at least get one of the free COVID tests via the mail. (For those asking yes, she has had all the vaccinations.) She doesn’t seem to be getting much better. So we are playing things by ear. I am not going to force her. She will just dig her heels in deeper. Instead I am going to support and encourage that she follow through with things.

I did get things done around the house. The front yard got mowed and weed whacked. The downside is that my wrist did not like the whole vibration and various motions it was put through. It doesn’t hurt as much this morning, so we’ll see. I am still going to wrap it. (I leaned forward and supported myself on the back of the couch last night. I must’ve landed it wrong because that hurt enough for me to do some swearing out loud.) Dishes also got done. All of it was mostly busy work so that I did not worry about Mom. I was supposed to talk to Dad last night but by the time I got his message I just wasn’t up to talking. A friend also tried to get me to go out for awhile last night. Not far, just here in town. But again I didn’t.

This morning I am going to try to get some writing done. I need to go and help with a project online as well. I am going to wrap this up and take Stella for a walk. Maybe that will help clear my mind. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Trying For Two (or Too… Much?)”

  1. I too have found it difficult to get writing done because of all the yard and garden work that I need to get done. I am impressed that you have the time to write your blog every day. I normally only write two per week one per site although right now I am writing 3-4 per week. It still does make it difficult to get other writing done!

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    1. I make myself every day. I would just do it whenever before and hardly write. If I can make time for the blog (even a few lines) then (in theory) I can make time for my other writing. So far just time for the blog. šŸ™„
      I am glad Iā€™m not the only one!

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