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Storms and Buds and Goats! Oh My!

OMG. There are goats across the street. I heard what sounded like a whiny human child but the more I listened (and there was a lot to listen to) it sounded like what it was. Goats. They were quiet for a few minutes but then started up again. I have no idea if these people looked to see if they could have goats on their property or if their neighbors will be knocking on their door to complain. And I also wonder if they have put any thought into what is going to happen once winter sets in. I see a large fenced in area but no out building for them. This will be interesting.

Things feel like they are going borderline crazy anymore. Like someone who is barely holding it together. One wrong word will set them off. And you don’t know what that word is.

I am going to have to shut the front window. All I can hear are those goats. So much for getting a nice cross breeze through the house. Bah.

I let myself sleep in. I could’ve slept longer but I wanted to get things done before I had to leave for Mom’s. I slept about 12 hours as it was. Mom keeps trying to weasel out of going to the doctor. I don’t want to go anywhere today so it is difficult to keep pushing her to still go at times.

I’m going to go over and smack those kids. The human ones, not the goats. They find it entertaining to get the goats to bleat. No sooner are the goats quiet then I hear a human child make the bleating noise only to have the goats mimic it. And so it goes. I am glad I am not next door.

We had storms roll through in the wee hours this morning. Stella was not a happy girl. I had the light on for a bit to help. As soon as the storms ended, she hunkered right back in and went to sleep. Everything got watered well from the storm. I have been taking my little watering can and watering everyone outside. The hoses leak more water than they disperse so I have given up on them. Pepper plants have buds and are blooming. One of the cantaloupe plants has a big orange bloom open. I also used some fresh basil and oregano in dinner last night. I marinated some chicken then grilled them in a tin foil wrap with the fresh herbs inside. We also had a ranch bacon pasta salad. Not a lot but I felt that I should make dinner on Father’s Day for Chris.

It looks like it wants to rain again. If we have storms it will be hard to leave Stella. I might just have to take her with and stay in the car with her. I can’t leave her freaking out at home. But we’ll see. I did take lots of photos yesterday so I will share some of them today. The plants are the recent editions to the gardens. Everything was budding like crazy yesterday so the rain will be a push for things to get moving. I’ll get more photos in a few days to show their growth. I hope you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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