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Brightish and Defiantly Early

I can officially say I got about 20 minutes of sleep. Not long after I got home there was thunder and lightening. By the time I got out of the shower it was going in earnest pouring rain. It was supposed to last til midnight. So I stayed up with the light on. At midnight off went the light and we snuggled in. I tossed and turned for a bit. Then came more rain, thunder and lightening. On went the light. We were still up when Chris got home from work. Naturally when I could finally fall asleep I couldn’t get comfortable etc. So here we are.

Work has been crazy with having to stay later due to late shoppers. I locked the doors and not only did we have five shoppers still in the store (one was a huge cart full of groceries) but several more people pulled in and tried to come in. The gas was the same way.

My parents have finally broken radio silence. Dad sent a one word text. “Migraine.” Mom sent me several random links and a brief complaint that Google won’t let her search for COVID symptoms. (This worries me on several levels.) I sent Dad my love and Mom my links to her query. So.

I am looking forward to getting out at 1pm today. Ten hour shifts when dealing with the public can be a bit much. Add a dash of freezers going down and a sprinkle of putting ignored stock out (no one put liquor away) it has been a crazy two days. Tomorrow I am a mere cashier. (Ha ha ha. Let’s see what I really end up doing.)

Stella got up for a bit with me this morning. She was my cuddle bug once we settled in after the storms had passed. She helped me yesterday morning and I helped her that night. (All my canine friends stopped by work to see me yesterday as well. Do I must’ve needed a lot of puppy love.😊)

I’d better wrap this up and get going for work. I appreciate all the positivity and love! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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