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Stronger and Stronger

We have another heat advisory today. It’s already past 80F (26C)! The AC is going full on in the bedroom. Stella came out for a bit and laid outside. It’s just too hot for her. My anxiety has been kicking in all morning. I am trying all I can to tamp it down. It feels like if I let it lose to run its course it will be debilitating, and I still have another 10-hour shift in front of me. Stella is back out in the sun.

I can’t get my mind to focus. It wants to run all over the place and cause havoc. My body is working on its flight response. I can feel my heart racing. I don’t know what has set this off, but it needs to go away. I can’t call in because I am manager tonight.

I got the last three flats of plants from work yesterday. They were given to me. Chris laughed. But there are a lot of herbs and such so I can use them. I know there is catnip. I’m not sure what to do with that. I might plant that out back. Hang on… I turned the AC on in the living room and put Stella’s food away.

I am trying to breathe through this, but I can feel the cracks and the panic attack gets worse. I wish Moose was here. He always knew when something like this was happening and would be right there to comfort me. I am going to wrap this up and see if I can find something to do to change things. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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