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Easy Come, Easy Go

Mother Nature is not sure what she is doing this morning. There was a rumble of thunder not too long ago so I am pretty sure that Stella will not come out of the bedroom. Sometimes the sun is out fully, and you blink opening your eyes to thick clouds. The breeze has been steady. Since we did not get any rain last night as promised I will need to water all the plants outside once I finish this.

I got a huge piece of disappointment yesterday. My writing class got cancelled. I am so very disappointed. I got both a phone call and an email explaining things. I did get a full refund. I am still very bummed. I was hoping for feedback on what I had for my novel. But there it is. I feel like I am writing in a vacuum.

I did some research reading yesterday for my novel. More along the lines of the craft of writing versus a topic related to the novel. I wrote in my journal as well. I hadn’t written in there in almost a week. I will try to get that habit back.

I need to wrap this up. My wrist is not happy with using the laptop. It didn’t do well writing in my journal either. So I will give it a break. For now. There will be some heavy lifting at work (the cash drawers are not light and require two hands on a good day). Hopefully I will find out more about the liquor department manager position either today or tomorrow. Sorry, I keep staring off into space. I didn’t get any new photos so I will share some repeats. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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