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Early Morning Weirdness

Stella did the weirdest things this morning! When my alarm went off she was already up and had pushed the bathroom door open (my phone charges in there and the phone is my alarm). She was also pacing like she had to go out so I opened the door and out she went. When she came back in she actually ate breakfast. Once that was done she popped herself right back in bed with Chris.🤔

We didn’t get much sleep as I had to do laundry and shower after work. But it was an earlier night than the night before so I am grateful. I also got praise from the store owner yesterday. My check was extra big because I got a bonus for all my hard work with the plant sale. And I was encouraged to go for the liquor manager position if I still want it. It seems I am the top candidate! That being said all the applicants will be talked to over the next week or so before any choices are made. So I am feeling pretty good about things at work.😊

Even though the sun is almost completely up (if feels so weird because it’s so early) the time feels off. When I get home this afternoon I need to get my last page written and submitted for class. It is gonna be a process because I will have to submit it via my phone. Long story (ha ha). I see by the clock that I need to get myself together for work. Sorry for repeat photos. I haven’t had time to take any new ones. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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