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Pushing Reset

This morning has dawned damp and chill. Our much-needed rain started last night. I am grateful for it not only because of the plants and yard but because it keeps me inside. There is so much I still need to do outside! But on the other hand there is so much I need to do inside as well. The mouse cage needs to be cleaned (it has needed to be cleaned for a while now but I just haven’t had the time), the snake cage needs to be cleaned, floors swept, vacuuming done, inside plants tended to, office cleaned up, books and movies gone through…. you get the idea. Oh and let’s not forget my writing for class as well as working on my novel. This will be the only day I have to get my classwork done.

That being said I don’t expect to get everything done. I am content to take my time with life today. There has been too much rushing and cramming this past week. Even my days off were not my own. So today is mine to do with what I will.

Chris and I spent some quality time together just hanging out. We grilled some steaks (well he cooked them in the smoker) and our side was some baby potatoes in spices. It was good to just spend some time together. We even managed to tire Stella out between the two of us! At one point after chasing her ball she hopped back on the couch, let go of the ball so it was beside her and rolled over on her back going promptly to sleep.

I have a bunch of irises that are blooming this year. It is rather cool because I transplanted a lot a few years ago so each year a different area blooms (my irises seem to bloom every other year). I am going to sneak out in the rain to get some photos to share with you today. I am very proud of what I have gotten done so far with all my plants and gardens. I just hope I keep my momentum for the whole season!

I see that my laptop battery is running low so I need to wrap this up. I also think I am going to use my laptop in the kitchen nook today. My first draft for class will be with pen and paper but I think I will put it into digital form in the kitchen nook (my brain keeps calling it my garden nook for some reason). So, off to click some quick pics to share and get this posted. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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