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Ian a hot mess this morning. My phone doesn’t seem to want to recognize my finger this morning and that makes it difficult to type. Being so tired that I can’t see correctly isn’t helping.

I stayed later than I intended yesterday. The whole thing was not the best. (Sorry, my wording this morning is off.) I got there to find out the reservations had been changed. That meant I was the only one there. After I messaged everyone they began to slowly arrive. It was no big deal to them because most of them lived in the area and the few that did not were staying several days. It was a big deal to me because I was driving almost three hours one way.

Lunch went well. I caught up with part of my family. The long table made it difficult to talk to everyone. Afterwards we decided a handful of us would go to Bronnor’s. (This is a Christmas store that people from all over the world to visit.) I had not been there since I was little. This also shows my love for my family as I am not a fan of Christmas. Working at Younker’s ruined my love of Christmas. Working retail showed the ugly greedy side of Christmas.

I knew they would take a long time to wander (the place is massive) but my Aunt said she would drive me back to my car and come back to finish shopping. I think I stayed an extra hour. That got me home around 7pm.

I am tired enough that I am considering asking the night manager to come in early so I can go home. Anyway I need to wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe! Hopefully tomorrow’s post will be more coherent.

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