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Felling Cray Cray

This will be a quick one as I still need to shower before I leave. I don’t want to go but I promised. Yesterday was both hard and fun. I spent the day outside and it was beautiful! I got to putter around in the plants as well. I LOVE talking plants with people. They always have such wonderful stories that they share. If I wasn’t chatting with customers I was watering and condensing the plants. At the end of the day I and one of the carry out broke down the empty three rows made from pallets and cement blocks. I probably shouldn’t have but I am not one to sit and watch someone else do all the work. My back was really bad once I got home but this morning it isn’t too bad. We’ll see as the day goes.

I asked for Monday off and got it. I have no special plans but to try to reset after everything this week. And I need to get my two pages written for class. If I can’t figure out the whole Google docs thing then I guess I will print a copy and bring it. I don’t know if I will continue the story from the first exercise or not.

Right. I need to wrap this up. I am sorry for all the repeat photos. I just haven’t had time to download the last from my camera. And this is another one of those times. If I get home early enough I will download them to my phone so I will have them for tomorrow’s post. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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