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What Did I Get Myself Into?

I really hope I Have Monday off. I need a day to sleep in. I have hit my wall. It has been a hell of a week and I am beat. My family still has not made plans for meeting up tomorrow. It’s ridiculous since it is tomorrow. I may just go down and meet up with my Aunt and to hell with the rest of them. I have neither the time nor the patience for any of that.

I was busier than busy yesterday. I ended up outside helping but then I ended up running the plant sale. My coworker came in sick and ended up leaving early so I was doing the manager thing and running the plant sale outside. Today I am strictly plant sale. There is so much going on! The problem is that we have no staff. They are looking to promote someone and there is no one to promote! Most of the folks working there are holding down two jobs now.

Class was a bit of a mess last night. Which falls in with the rest of the day. My going to the wrong place on the completely wrong side of town (thank the Goddess I left early (ha ha I was still running late when I left)) aside the class… the people in the class seem to want a diagram of how to write. They are older for the most part (although I am closer in age to many than I would like to admit) and are looking for a cut and dry method to write their novels. Then there was the issue of the link to our group site on Google. The first link sent most people couldn’t get to work. I think maybe six got it to work. So a second email was sent. That was a hit or miss as well. I got it to work after fiddling around with it for a bit. That whole thing with the link (how to get it, what to do, where to go, what it is for, how to set things up, etc) took up a lot more time than our instructor wanted. He also was patiently frustrated. I was just frustrated. I was there to learn and talk about writing. Oh! And as I was running late when I got there I found four other people lingering outside the building. They too were in my class but the building was locked and they couldn’t get in. Someone saw us and let us in not long after I got there. I think class was about 15 minutes in and they were still trying to figure out how to login on the computers in the classroom.

I only have a few minutes before I have to leave so I’d better wrap this up. I have no idea what is going on for tomorrow so… good times! I hope you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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