Good Gad, It’s Morning Already

I am so very tired. It is a struggle to see the words properly on my screen. I apologize now for any typos or editing issues. There is just too much going on this week.

I see that we are looking for another shift manager. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not. I am the one who will be affected by the hire. I am the only manager working both day and night shifts. Once in a blue moon one manager will do a morning shift on the weekend. The rest of the time it is me and the store manager.

Baby Stella has come out to snuggle on the love seat. This is not conducive to keeping my eyes open. I have caught myself dozing several times as I write this.

I would give a lot to stay home tonight but if is the first night of my writing class. I have to do that. Just like I have to wrap this up. Thanks for reading! Oh and I have missed several comments on my blog it seems. I find that what I see on my phone app is different than on my laptop. And even that is missing comments. So I do apologize if I have not responded.❤️ Stay safe!

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