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Feeling… Accomplished

The morning has dawned very cool. Not a bad thing after yesterday’s heat. I enjoy the contrast. I did a bit too much yesterday and am paying for it now. But I got so much done! The front gardens are completely done and the front yard has been mowed. I even got some ant stuff out (I’m not sure if it kills them or just sends them someplace else… either is fine with me). I am very proud of what I got accomplished.

Stella and I went for a walk on the property before I got started. We had to stop at the garage for a rest because she was too tired. I felt bad because by the time I had finished everything outside I hopped into the shower. Once I was done with that my body said, “No more!” and I was done. I did throw her ball several times but I don’t think it was enough for her. Right now she is snoozing after her roam of the backyard.

I dread to see what chaos I will be walking into today at work. It has been a bit of a mess over the holiday weekend. I am glad I took the month off from the paper. I know that my frustration would show on the page. But I got enough done at the house that I don’t feel like I need another day to “finish up.” Does that make sense? I have more to do for sure but I got what I intended to done and I really do need a few days to recover. (I took four big wheelbarrows full of stuff from the gardens yesterday!)

She just looks so sweet there sleeping with her head on the arm of the couch… I forgot to take photos to share with you (I did with my phone but those take up a ton of space on here when I upload them) so I need to sneak out there and take a few. I still have a lot from the other day to share as well. I hate to wake her but if I am going to get this posted I need to get out there with my camera. I hope to get some other writing done as well before work. Oh, and I have to be back at 6:30am so tomorrows post might be light. Onward and upward! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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