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Aaaaand There She Goes!

As foretold this will be a quick one this morning. I was almost in the free and clear. Then I got a message asking me if I could still come in at 5am. So here we are.

The yard is coming along. When I came home yesterday Chris was mowing the backyard (the fenced in area). Since that is done I will be able to concentrate on the gardens and get them caught up. If I can muster the energy I would like to finish up the front gardens after work so I can work on the back ones. Then Stella can be out with me if she wants.

I’ve not been working on my novel but I have been journaling so that is something. I am so worried about forgetting about class on Thursday night. I get out at 1pm so I will have some time at home. I am equal parts anxious and excited about class. I have to have pages to turn in so I have to have time to write.

And the clock tells me to get myself moving for work. Thank you for all your support! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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