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Finding Center

I sit here this morning enjoying some coffee and a biscuit. (A bit of a tee hee here. One of Stella’s nicknames is Biscuit and she is the biscuit I am referring to. She has been in my lap since before I started this.) The morning has dawned chilly and dark. I am of two minds about it. Last night my anxiety was up because my mind felt like I had to turn around and get up for work the next day.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my job (mostly). But so much has been going on at work and I have been giving 200%. We are getting busier and busier with Memorial Day coming up. This is the start of our busy season and we are lacking in help. I know everyone is. It amazes me though that people go through the effort to get hired but once at the job don’t feel the need to work. They want to stand around and get paid for it. If you have them actually go and do something (aka work) they get resentful and decide that they will quit. A lot of the younger kids coming in are like this. And to be fair I am leading by example. I am constantly on the move at work. I also have no problems working with them if it is a big project. There are also underlying currents shifting at work (this doesn’t affect the new people). Marriages are waxing and waning (have no fear, ours is good) and there are more management shifts going on.

I inadvertently slept in this morning. I guess I needed it. I usually try to take Stella for a walk on Friday mornings at the park. I still may. I really don’t want to go anywhere. I just don’t know ia a walk on the property will give her the same satisfaction. And there have been several deer sneaking along the back fence line. I don’t know if I want to try to hold her back if we encounter one out there (I know, I know… go buy the harness for her so I can use a sturdier leash).

I am not going to have any plans for today. Just things I would like to do. I talked to both my parents yesterday since I got out so early. Well early-ish. I am going to have overtime on this week from staying over for various reasons. So unless something happens I should have the whole day for just Chris, Stella and I. We have brats and kabobs for the grill for dinner tonight. The rest of the day is fair game.

Stella has seen something. No idea what. She is silently staring out the window with her hackles up. I should wrap this up and see about getting us to the park. If no one is there then we will do our 1/2 mile walk. If there are people there then we will probably some back home and walk on the back 40 hoping for no deer. I don’t have many new photos to share but I have a couple. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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