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June Fun In The Sun

It looks like it wants to rain. I hope it does. I repotted a bunch of plants yesterday and pulled everyone outside. They could all use the rain despite my watering them all yesterday. I think I will need to check everyone every day now. Not all of them need to be watered every day but I find a lot of them are drying out quickly. The big repotting project was the peppers. I separated them into the long window box and several pots. They all seem to be handling the move well.

I decided I am going to take the month of June off from the paper. I have so much going on this month I would miss several of them as it is. I hope they can find someone. I just sent the email so we’ll see how it goes. It will be one less thing that I have to juggle. I said I would be able to step back in for July.

I paid for my class this morning. So I need to remember that I have class on Thursday nights all of June. Hopefully I continue to get Fridays off! I need to let my boss know what is going on too. There are also graduations that I have been invited to and I need to make it to Bay City to see my aunt. Aaaand I guess they changed the date for one of my graduations. I need to get next Saturday off. Fudge. I was told one date and now it is another. Right.

My goal for the writing class is… well there are two. The first is that I will have a publishable finished piece when I am done. The second is that I will have some momentum for my novel. I seem to have petered out. I am just so exhausted all the time. I’m tired of cramming everything in as well. So June will be my month to try to prove that I can write with things going on around me.

I also need to set up an appointment to get my tattoo fixed. That will happen on the first. I will message as soon as I get up. I will get the appointment set up hopefully before I go downstate. But we’ll see if he puts me off. I love all the other work I have gotten from him. Just no portraits. I don’t know how our relationship will be after this.

I still have some quiet time left so I think I will wrap this up and pull out my novel. Maybe push for a page of writing today. Warm up some coffee and get to it! Thank you for all your kind words and support! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

9 thoughts on “June Fun In The Sun”

  1. Hey Jen

    I have just noticed your request to the blog. Sorry for the delay. I am not checking this new blog’s email daily as the blog isn’t yet live and is still being built and will not be an actual live blog till sometime in June.

    You are more than welcome to come on board the small team currently working with me on the blog creation itself; however, keep in mind that the blog isn’t yet live. It is being constructed, and new features are being added and tweaked every week.

    Hence, the initial role of the ‘reader’ is to watch and observe and comment on the flow of navigation, structure, content, and how well the administration looks visually. Once or twice a week, an administration post is published, and l highlight the works that have been performed, introduced and completed in that week and welcome comments on the changes. The admin posts are only visible for a week and then placed into the passworded archive.

    There is gallery content to view already. These go back away to establish archived content and ‘age’ the blog, so it is not so new.

    But if this quiet initial role appeals to you before Earthly Comforts goes to public viewing, you are more than welcome to join the small team. Just let me know how you feel about what l have written here.

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    1. I just found this! It was buried in my spam folder. So sorry it took so long to respond. I would be more than happy to help. I am looking forward to see what you have so far. I miss your posts. All the best!

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