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Now Entering Powersaver Mode

This might be a short post. Stella is draped in my lap and wants love. My laptop has just gone into powersaver mode. I slept in this morning because I was up late (as usual it seems). I was falling asleep in my book but when I turned the lights out… oh well. I did fall asleep eventually. Yesterday was busy all things considered. I, thankfully, had a lot of staff. I keep putting more on my plate at work as well. I have offered to take over the liquor department while my coworker is out for surgery and I have offered to help with the annual flower sale. The liquor department will be a longer time at it while the flower sale is a Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Which reminds me the local library is having a flower sale today. Hmmm….

Tonight I have a meeting. I was hoping for a Zoom link but there has been none posted. I just don’t want to drive. But the paper is nice enough to pay me for doing it. Tomorrow I will purchase my seat in the writing class. I hope I don’t regret it. The big concern is me resenting having to go after work. I need to get over it.

On a rather happy note my signed book Kill! by Kane Hodder arrived yesterday! It is an expanded edition of his autobiography that I have titled Unmasked. It has been 10 years since Unmasked and the expanded edition has all kinds of extras. About 400 pages of extras. It is a signed limited edition. It goes well with my photo! And it is now on of my treasures.

Ok, battery is almost dead and Stella is heavy in my lap. It also sounds like the stupid squirrel is causing issues outside. Sorry this is so late and short. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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