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Eeny, Meany, Miney….

I have gotten myself a new tarot deck. Not to do readings with but just to work with on a daily basis. I like to pull a card out and see what it tells me. And the deck is beautiful! I is all herbs and trees… Nature. The booklet that comes with is especially enlightening to those of us who are gardeners. Since each card represents a certain aspect of the tarot the booklet shows how the natural abilities of each plant or tree represents what we can find in ourselves. The artist also shares different resources to find out more about each plant or tree. I just really really love it!

Another deck that I recently acquired is for writing. Natalie Goldberg released a deck of cards to help writers get past writing blocks and stumbles. It might be something random to write about or it might be something that pertains to your current work. There are many ways to use the deck. I am excited to use this deck with another that I have had for years that I love called The Observation Deck A Tool Kit For Writers. It is a similar concept and I think using both decks will help spur me on. (Yes these are crutches but right now I need all the help I can get to get myself out of my head and on to the paper.)

Where does my gardening fit in all this? Somewhere. I am trying to find a balance between my writing and gardening. I might do some before work today. Even if it is just that last little bit to get to the end of the house. I work better on my writing when everyone is asleep. Then I know that I don’t have to try to rush my words. I should get up earlier. That would solve a lot of problems. But I am a night person and have a hard time getting to sleep after I close at night. (I’m pretty sure that I was finally able to sleep around 2am. I refused to look at the clock after 1:30am.) My other problem is that I love to read. I have so many books going right now it is ridiculous. A lot of them are research for the novel. But what do I read when? Do I finish one before I begin another? What if I need the information from one book for my novel? There’s just so much! And I honestly don’t know what to do. Every night I haul a stack of books to bed with me. I may or may not read a bit in all of them. Then each morning I haul them back out in case I want to read before work. What I need is a vacation to get all this straight. But I don’t have that luxury right now. I need to piecemeal this together and find something that works.

The stack 🙄

Then there is poor Stella. She is so patient while I write. When I am finished with this she usually wants to play. But I normally have other plans to try to cram things in before I got to work. She has been in and out this morning. I think she is falling into a bit of a funk again. After I post this I will take her for a walk on our property and see if that helps. I have tomorrow off so we can do something more then. I have a meeting that night but I think I can Zoom it.

I am not a very good juggler. I am constantly dropping one of the many balls I have tossed into the air. Lately it seems to be the writing ball with the Stella ball. So I will keep trying. Eventually I will learn to keep them all going in the air. I hope. Thanks for reading and all your awesome comments! Stay safe!

5 thoughts on “Eeny, Meany, Miney….”

  1. I always feel better with a stack of books with me. They’re everywhere. And even if we go somewhere overnight, I have to have at least 2 with me. They are my security blanket 100%! The herbal tarot cards look beautiful! And love Natalie Goldberg!

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    1. I too have stacks all over. Chris has gone digital with as much as he can. Not me. I want to feel the paper as I turn the page!
      The tarot deck is amazing! I am so glad I got it! I was lucky enough to meet Natalie and she signed several of my books. “Writing Down the Bones” was my first book on writing.❤️


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