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Choices, Choices

I feel like a deer in headlights right now. I had planned on just staying around the house today. I asked a friend if she was interested in going for a walk with Stella and I this morning around 10am earlier this week. She said no because she had to work. So I didn’t worry about it. Well I sleep in and I wake to a text from her asking where we are and if we are going for a walk. I respond with “give me an hour” since I needed to feed Stella and do this. No answer. No answer. Now she doesn’t know if she wants to go. I am trying to convince my brain that there really is no rush. We get there when we get there. But my mind is rushing around trying to put the day together if we are going for a walk.

I am sore from the past few days. It has just been busy and us being short staffed I am all over the place trying to help out. I did get pulled aside by both the store manager and the store owner on separate occasions complimenting my work skills and ethics. That was nice to hear. The manager meeting went well. A bit of dirty laundry was aired. I was pleasantly surprised that the parties involved followed my advice. A lot of things got discussed. I missed a little bit when I went up to help but I forgot to ask what was said. I heard something about June before I got out of ear shot.

I got a TON of photos yesterday. The sun was out, and life was good, so I was clicking away. I will share some today and some tomorrow. I also have some photos of the new edition, Nina. He had he named the first day. I had her as Jessie but she’s not my car so Nina it is!

I am determined to work on my novel today. I also need to mow the backyard. The front is turning into all sand as more and more ant hills take over. Stella and I walked through the front yard the other day to get mail and I kept finding ants on me long after we came back in the house. The backyard is full and lush. I do need to pick up all the broken limbs off the ground though. I meant to do that the other day. My swing might go up today too. I will need to check the forecast. I should wrap this up if I am going to get anything done. Thank you for your awesome support! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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