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Digging into the Future

I am glad I pulled my plants in. We got a frost warning for last night. But I don’t think it got that cold. I saw no remnants of frost on anything and since it is very overcast there should’ve been something. That being said it is still a bit too chilly to put anything outside. My plants that were in the long window box have given up. They needed more root space than the box had.

Friday will be another busy day off. I want to get the gardens around the front of the house done and I want to get atleast one of the three raised beds dug out. I am still trying to learn to use the composter. Things are going in and getting turned. I want to get some Dairy Doo from one of the local gardening places. Yes, it is a fancy name for manure. I want to mix that in with the dirt in the raised beds. Once that has been put in I’ll let it sit for a few days before I plant anything.

Stella and I also should go for a walk that morning. I am hoping to not have anyone at the park again. If we do our one loop then that will be a 1/2 mile. I ought to call our friend and see if she wants to meet us there. I hope I don’t have too much planned. There is so much to do and since it is just me…

This morning Stella is behind me sleeping on her back. I got to meet her miniature doppelganger last night. Two of my close customers brought their mini pit and she looks just like Stella but at about half the size. She was a very sweet little thing! I snuck out to see her amongst the chaos of the night at work. I almost fell behind in my drawer counting because I was helping in the deli. I lost track of time. Breaks seemed to be late for everyone too but they were more than understanding.

Chris is very happy with his car. I will get some good shots with my camera either tomorrow before he leaves for work or Friday. Tomorrow’s post might me a bit short as it is the usual 6:30am to work thing. I wasn’t able to get any new photos yesterday so it will be a few repeats. Thank you for all the wonderful comments! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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