Life and Loves

Yesterday was busy. I tried to relax between driving to doctor’s appointments. Stella’s went well. She is very healthy but she needs to lose a few pounds. She not badly over weight. Right now the little babe is curled in a ball under a blanket on the couch. I was surprised when she got up with me this morning. My friend’s doctor appointment was to tell him that he needs more blood work on Thursday. He also revealed to me that he thinks this is what might take him out. He’s exhausted and tired of fighting with it all. The sentence he said before that was, “I’m gonna tell you something and you probably won’t like it.” I told him that I would just enjoy the time that I had with him then. I’m used to driving in silence so he thought I was mad at him. I told him I wasn’t because I know that with everything going on then doctor appointment upon doctor appointment on top of that… That will put a big dent in your fortitude. I am not going to judge. We had a fun lunch? dinner? at Applebee’s.

By the time I got home I was exhausted both mentally and physically. I played with Stella as best I could. Which wasn’t much and she was not happy with me. But I did manage to cheer her up for a bit. (She knew it was my day off and I was expected to stay home with her.) Stella and I didn’t sleep well until Chris got home. Once that happened we were both out cold. The next time I looked at the clock it was 9am.

I’m not sure how late Chris will sleep. He is taking delivery of his new care this afternoon. He is like a kid at Christmas! I really am happy for him. I think he will love his new car like I love Angus. I will share photos at one point this week. I don’t think it will be too hard to get him to let me take some pics. I will need to get back in the bedroom and shower before work though.

I feel like I have no time to do what I want right now. I have about… 45 minutes before I need to start getting ready for work. I have stuff I wanted to take care of in the yard (branches need to be picked up so I can mow on Friday) and I need to work on my writing. Then there is Stella who needs some attention (you should see the look I am getting from beneath the blanket). But I need to wrap this up if anything is going to get done. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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