Finding Worth

Whelp here we are! My screen says that it is already 65F (18C) but it is deeply clouded over and is quite comfortable. If I can get this out fast enough I might have time to work on my novel before I head to work. And I think that pushing ahead with my novel is what I should be doing. Lately several friends (both on here and around my home) have either intentionally or not encouraged me and reinforced what I have been telling myself in my head. This culmination tells me to keep going. It is not a frivolous task. (Not that it was to begin with but it helps me reinforce that in my head.) The hard part today is Stella. She woke up in a funk again. She is back to not eating breakfast. I don’t know if it is because I am going to work or something else. As a Momma I worry. (If I don’t get to my novel before work then it will be after I get home before bed.) But my 30 minutes of work on my novel will happen.

The wind has died down considerably. I had to shut the sliding glass door because it was bad enough it was blowing plants off the shelves! It even blew some pieces off of my poor spider plant! On a happier note… I got my blue banana tree yesterday! Chris got me the plant and a big planter for Mother’s Day. The planter arrived before the day and the tree after the day. I went out and got dirt as soon as it arrived. (Stella wasn’t happy but it was too hot in the car to leave her even for a few minutes.) I think I will need to stash the plant in my office while I am gone though. Stella seemed very interested in the whole thing last night. She didn’t dig or anything. She just sniffed very, very intently. Sooooo I need to remember to do that before I leave.

I also need to work in getting out into the yard and working on the gardens. I think it might be safe to pull the plants out. I may do that today. I wanted to get some work done outside (I guess I need to start getting up earlier on the days I work if I am going to get all this done before I leave). There is so much that I want to do! I also know that if I cram too much in then I will burn out on all of it. So once again I need to find a balance of it all. And for once I think I can. Time to turn to my lists!

I am excited to get a surprise gift in the mail for my friend. It is a butterfly to remind her that she can reinvent herself and come back stronger than before. I could’ve gone with a phoenix but she is more like a delicate, but determined, butterfly. I have a few more things for her but I want to wait until that necklace arrives.

It sounds like I need to get off and get this posted. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Finding Worth”

  1. I love spring. It is my favorite time of the year. Here we’re having temps in the 80s and I am not exactly ready for this kind of heat just yet!

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