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Start, Stop, Repeat

Eh? What? Already? But I just shut my eyes! Fine. I’m up. 😢😴

Yesterday was one of my longest work days. I got to fill out an accident report (my first since I stepped up to management), we had yet another drive off, two call-ins which meant I did some work in the deli again. Oh and a lot of unhappy coworkers.

I have been given the option to get out early if I want. A mere phone call away. We’ll see what the day brings. It is supposed to rain at one point. We need it. Things are drying out. The temperatures are becoming steadily warmer. Dare I start to move plants outside? Is that you Spring?

I have the next two days off so I might putter in the gardens. I want to get my little tiller put together and maybe try it out as well. Even if it is just one of the raised gardens that gets cleaned up.

I am worried about making it through the day. I am well and truly tapped out. But I see by the clock I need to get going. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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