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Puppy Concerns

Stella is asleep on her back beside me. She won’t eat breakfast but she got up as soon as I did this morning. She has been pretty cling since I got home last night.

Work went quick because we were pretty steady from the get go. I had pretty much all decent customers so that helped. Today I just need to make it til one.

My wrists are starting to flare up again. Almost bad enough that I come close to dropping things. This Summer might be interesting if I have that going on. It will effect so much! Gardening, writing, riding, scratching the dog…

I’ve not had a chance to take any new photos so I will have to share some older ones. I will try to take some after work. It will be a busy afternoon as it is. I need to squeeze in a walk for Stella as well. She’s not been doing well and I am worried. She’s having accidents in the house again. It has been several weeks since she ate breakfast (although when I brought chicken home from work I got her to eat) but she does eat dinner. There are a few other things but you get the idea. She has a check up on the 16th of May so we’ll see what they say.

I need to wrap things up and head out the door. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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