The Call of ???

It annoys me that I am telling you that once again it is snowing here. We went from ice chunks to fat flakes. If we go out for a walk I will probably have to put on Stella’s coat. I had hoped to putter in the yard a bit today. I don’t want to rake the leaves out of the gardens until we stay warm. I don’t want all those precious little shoots to get frozen and die.

Further info on the tattoo front. My artist and I have messaged back and forth. He finally saw my message last night. When he finally responded I politely explained that I appreciated all the work that he put into the tattoo but it looks nothing like I wanted it to. The portrait looks nothing like my hero. So he messaged back a little while later saying that he had some ideas he wanted to run by my to possibly fix things. Could we get together? I said I was at work. He said he would swing by. He never showed. I even grabbed Stella after she ate and we drove down to the shop just incase I misunderstood and I was supposed to stop by after work. The shop was closed. This morning I wake up to a message apologizing and can I stop by the shop today. It would just take 5 minutes. Just name my time. So I sent back “How about noon?”. I haven’t heard anything back. I really like my other pieces from my artist. I don’t want to say I will never go back. But if this keeps up…

I think I have found my key to working on my novel. A timer. A timer set for 30 minutes. I did this yesterday and I got almost two full pages written! So I am going to do this again today. Yesterday I sat outside at my little table but today is too cold for that. I will need to figure out when and where. I have a meeting tonight but I can do that via Zoom (please let the link work!). With me waiting on a message from my artist I may wait til after Chris goes to work (he will game on the tv when he gets up since he can only play Grand Turismo out here in the living room).

Since regular exercising seems to hurt the base of my spine I have started using one of those giant balance balls. They found one at work and I was using it to sit on while I waited for the baler to crush boxes (I had several loads that day). Since they were tossing it they offered me the ball. So I decided that I would watch tv on it and do a little exercising that way. It seems to be gentler on my spine. I have done it several days without any undue stress on the spine so I will keep plugging along with it.

I just got a message from my artist. Noon it is. If Stella gets up before then (she is still in bed asleep and I don’t blame her)I will take her with. It will just be to the other end of our road and I will only be inside for a few minutes. As a matter of fact I can leave the car running because I will be right there. Hopefully I will have something good to report to you tomorrow.

I’ve not had a chance to get any new photos with everything going on. I will take a few before I post this. My orchid has bloomed and I want to show off my cucumber. Thank you for reading and stay safe!

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