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Pondering and Puttering

Yesterday was bright, warm and filled with sun. Today is warm but the clouds are thick and grey. We will probably get some rain soon. I am hoping to sneak in a walk with Stella before then. We were going to yesterday when I got home from work but she was way too hot from running and playing. Right now she is lying beside me on the floor as I type, hoping for lots of love. The weather is so comfortable I find myself staring off into space and not really thinking of much.

I slept about 12 hours. Some of it was conquering a panic attack in the wee hours. My mind brought up everything I could be doing better (or not at all to be better). I wouldn’t say I woke up refreshed but I do feel better. Work was busy (for me atleast). I spent a lot of time helping out in the deli. I made… 48 chicken pot pies. I buzzed around the store every once in a while, to make sure all was well in my kingdom and to give breaks. I got home and I was exhausted. But I was still able to spend quality time with Chris and Stella. My body is telling me that I did quite a bit yesterday. So far it is sore in a general way.

I hear the wind picking up again. That seems to be a thing this year. Strong winds. Despite the decent weather yesterday and today (today qualifies because it is warm) we are dropping back toward freezing the next few days. That sucks. I like being warm. I enjoy having the house open and puttering in my gardens. The other day before work I yanked up a good chunk of ivy that was taking over a big corner of my gardens. I want to put my plants out but I don’t trust the weather. And there are so many I just don’t have the energy to shuttle everyone in and out all the time.

I don’t know what my plans are before work. Read? Write? Garden? Maybe just sit outside and chill. I’m pretty sure that if I sit outside I will end up atleast picking up branches that have fallen with all this wind. I have gotten some photos to share but before I can I need to delete some of my old ones. That being the case I should wrap this up so I can get it posted in a reasonable amount of time. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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