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This morning’s blog will be short. I just don’t care. I Amon little to no sleep because we have had storms all night and Stella has been shaking. About an hour before my alarm was due to go off I finally told her I had to try to get some sleep. She wouldn’t lay beside me. She finally got up and went with Chris in his office. When he came to bed she did too. Suddenly I did not exist for her. She wouldn’t even come by me to get into bed. She hopped right over Chris. So on top of a crap bay yesterday I am hurt. Thank you for reading. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Storms”

  1. oh no…I’m sorry about that. Doggos can be quite ‘human’ in their characters and Stella seems to be giving you the cold shoulder, even though you tried to help and are now probably really tired because of it. Hopefully you can charm her back again with some treats and games? I’m thinking of you and hope you get a way better sleep tonight xx

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