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It That…. SUN?!

I stayed in bed late. And that is ok. The last dream I had I was a werewolf and I was hunting with Sam and Dean Winchester. I was gooooood! It was nice to be able to take out my anger and aggression. It was one of my favorite dreams.

Stella keeps laying down beside me. She goes and gets a toy then comes back. I know she wants to play and play outside but I need to get this done. I also talked with Dad yesterday so that leaves me free to do whatever today. Whatever is going to be a concentrated effort on my novel. I have not worked on it for various reasons and today needs to be the day. My goal is to spend time in it every day. Another thing I ought to do is make a daily schedule and chart to track myself. I also need to make myself accountable for these goals. That will take some thought but after I get some work done on my novel.

Stella has been very attentive. I am not sure why. I have been pretty good at taking her for a walk every few days or so. It gets us both out onto the property and walking. I might bring my camera today. The problem comes in with her leash. It is shorter so either of us can easily jerk the other one. But one thing I have noticed are good photo opportunities. I also need to get over to my neighbor’s to take some photos before she starts clearing out her trees.

Today I must also brace myself for Chris’ critique of my new tattoo. The swelling has gone down so I will try to get a photo today. I am extremely self-conscious about this because Chris is an artist in his own right. I value his opinion but if it is not the same as mine then I am left second guessing myself.

I have laundry going so that can keep going in the background as I work on my writing. I think I may venture outside to do it. The sun is out (once again the “brief rain shower at 10:37am” did not happen… they need to quit asking me if I want to upgrade to premium; why would I pay for them to be wrong?!) and despite the chill I think it would be a good day to be outside. I must resist the siren call of gardening until after my work on my novel is done. Speaking of which I need to get this posted and get working! Thank you so much for all your support! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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