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Stella and I are snuggled up on the love seat together. I have been trying to type and navigate on my phone while I scratch and love on her. It hasn’t worked well for me. Stella ,however, has been happily moaning as she gets her face and ears rubbed. She can barely keep her eyes open.

I am not 100% sure about my ink. I will be more sure about it once the swelling goes down. I’ve never had a piece so raw after a sitting. That being said I’ve not had a piece that so concentrated other than my dragon on my shoulder.

It has been raining all night off and on. The weekend is supposed to be warm summer like temperatures. With more rain. But we’ll see. Even with rain if It will be that warm I will open the windows on the house to air things out. We can use it.

I did get some nice photos yesterday but I will have to save them for tomorrow. I don’t have time to get things downloaded etc. I am working the early shift and I don’t know what chaos I am walking into. A coworker messaged me that we had four of our eight pumps down last night when we closed. Which means that it will be interesting today. On that not I bud you adieu. Have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

4 thoughts on “Hmmmmmm….”

    1. It doesn’t sound creepy. What was supposed to be inked was half Jane Hodder’s face and half the Jason mask. What I got does not look like Kane Hodder. Honestly I am embarrassed to have anyone see it.


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