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Little Frustrations, Bigger Plans

The morning has dawned dark and windy. The snow and rain have stopped, for now. Everyone is complaining of the cold. Even some of my cold lovers are weary of it. I am planning a barbeque, so I hope the weather clears up in time. My friend should be coming back the second week of May. At least that is the plan so far. I remembered to put up the note at work with a sign-up sheet. I have tried to touch base with everyone I could.

I am trying to give myself a break from things. Not a huge one. But the ok mentally not to do everything all at once. A little a day is ok. (Geez, now I am rhyming.) Oh, I spoke too soon. I can hear a heavy rain snow mix on the bay windows. And look! There is some ice too…

I am also trying to take my writing seriously. I am starting small. I am only putting one space after a period. Or I am trying to. The new and improved method is only one space after ending a sentence. It is harder than it sounds because I have been double spacing after ending a sentence for… 40 years now. Dad would let me use his electric typewriter (this was huge for me because I had my small manual typewriter at Mom’s) if he didn’t need it. And I couldn’t press hard on the keys. But I would sit for hours writing stories or fake articles. Or my lab reports (I had a chemistry set and a little laboratory/office set up in the big walk-in closet at Dad’s first apartment). The reason I am starting with punctuation is because I find that I throw things to the wind when I am writing on here. I also don’t polish my articles as well as I could. I just get my words on paper (so to speak) and think that it is enough. I don’t take the time to make sure that it is my best.

So this, then, begs the question do I keep pushing through focusing on my novel or do I pause and focus on my craft? Or do I work on both? My mind says work on both. I will use what I am learning as I work on my novel. So I guess I will pull out a few craft books and see where I want to start. I am hoping that by improving my craft intentionally I will begin to take myself seriously as a writer. Right now I enjoy it but I am not serious about it.

Tomorrow is also my big tattoo day. I need to message my artist and see what the final cost will be. I will try to get a photo posted of the final piece. That will depend on if WordPress will let me add and delete photos. We will hope for the best. Thanks for reading! Stay safe and have a great day!

These are from yesterday’s post.

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