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Down With a Case of the Funk

Sorry for the late, late blog. I slept in as much as I could. I still don’t feel any better. In fact, truth be told I am feeling a bit depressed. Even with the sun out and shining. Two things have hit hard. The death of our friend last year in a fire and losing Essie and Moose. At work yesterday a coworker gave me a magnet she had made from a photo of Essie (another coworker got on to my Facebook page and picked one out). As kind and thoughtful as it was it got things going in the back of my brain. And here I sit frozen.

The sun is out so I am hoping that will help. I might even pull out my new chair. I got an Adirondack chair from work yesterday. I had planned to put it together today but I did it pretty much as soon as I got in the door. I am very pleased with how it turned out. I just don’t feel like doing anything today. Yet there is much that needs to be done. But maybe just doing nothing for a day is what I need to do. Maybe I will just sit and read all day. I do want to take Stella (I typed “Essie” before I realized I had the wrong name) for a walk on the property. Just something to get her out and about for a bit.

The above two paragraphs have taken me over 30 minutes. I guess if I plan to get this posted I should do it now. I will add a few new photos. Hopefully the funk will dissipate over the course of the day. I hope you all have amazing days! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

4 thoughts on “Down With a Case of the Funk”

  1. It took a while for me to learn, but it is OK to take a day to do nothing. I still feel so guilty as if I’m wasting precious time when I do nothing (eventhough it’s impossible for me to not do something, lol). Hope you feel better soon, the sun helped me a great deal today.

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    1. Thank you for understanding. We did go for a short walk on the property. It was cold but the sun came out a little (things clouded up after I posted).❤️


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