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Blown Away

The wind is still blowing. Maybe not quite as strong as yesterday but it’s up there. Power went out just before I left for work. Chris had to go and get the garage door opened for me. We had never tried to figure out what to do to get the door open in case of power loss. It is easy once you know the secret. So thankfully I wasn’t late. I also got things squared away with my tattoo. He wants to go bigger to get the detail in. I’m ok with that.

There is so much going through my mind right now. Work was a zoo with the power outage. All of Rapid City was out but us. But the gas pumps went crazy every time the power blipped. So I wanted to try to reset all of them. I had four pumps down but not enough “Out Of Order” bags for the handles. So two of us parked our vehicles at the other two pumps. But it took around three hours before I had all the pumps empty so I could reset everything. It wasn’t any less crazy inside the store. Other things I am thinking about are trimming my turtle’s nails. They are way over due. I also got a read through of the first page of my novel from an editor so I am going over what she said in my head. Mostly I am working on my novel in my head.

I did get some interesting photos of the weather last night. I am going to add them and then try to get things going around here. I need to get to work an hour earlier than yesterday. Tomorrow’s post might be even shorter due to the fact that I need to be to work at 6:30am. Regardless thanks for reading and stay safe!

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