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An Exciting Conference Rundown!

I am happy to report that yesterday was a success! I decided not to drive after all. And I’m glad I did. My night vision is not all that great and she saw various deer on the side of the road that I missed entirely (yes they did cross the road). But we got to know each other on this little trip. She is just a fun person to be around. She and her spouse are a lot like Chris and I in so many situations! We had several laughs over that.

I am very glad that we went. She has been a closet writer for quite a while and had never been around other writers let alone to a writer’s conference. She seemed to blossom there. I had a very good time myself. I made various new friends and the teachers were the best. They wanted you to learn. They wanted to share they knowledge and experiences. This reminds me, I need to send an email to my new writing friend (she is brand new to the whole writing thing and was very timid about all of it… I want to encourage her as much as I can) and send one to one of the instructors. I want to get the info she shared on the screen with us and get her feedback on my first page (I was in that class with her in the morning and did not get to share to get her input).

I think my friend and I from up here were two of the youngest ones at the conference. But that is ok. I got to listen to some fascinating stories over the course of the day. Most of the folks there seemed to be writing non-fiction. But there were still a good bit of us writing fiction. I have to say I sat at a table with a group of black women that were all in a writing group together. They were amazing. You could tell that they were all close friends and that they were all serious about not only writing but supporting each other. This is some thing I have noticed about black women, they support each other much more strongly than white. I know that there is a lot of cattiness with black women too but (I am saying this because I grew up in Detroit and have been blessed to call blacks my friends all my life) I noticed that it takes a lot to break that bond once you have it. Just my personal observation.

I learned a lot yesterday. Some of it I can use now (like the “Jump Staring Your Creativity”) and some of it I can use later (like the editing class). I just feel like a new person after going yesterday. I feel like I can push forward with my novel and make it. Even publish it (although I’m not gonna lie that whole ball of wax is a bit intimidating… I am not good at self-promotion and constantly talking about something I wrote to get people to buy it). But I think I have enough courage to try.

On that note I will wrap this up. Oh! And as an added bonus when I got home I found a CUCUMBER on my plant! Not just a little wit of a guy but a big cucumber! I am so excited! I will share a photo. Thanks for reading and all your support! You all mean more than you know! Stay safe!

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2 thoughts on “An Exciting Conference Rundown!”

  1. Congratulations on the great trip and on the cucumber as well. We have peppers and tomatoes in bloom, but we haven’t even thought about planting cucumbers yet!

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