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A Quick But Interesting Tidbit

This will be a shorter post as I am running behind. Stella is cuddled up with me on the love seat this morning. For once we have both eaten. Maybe I found something that my body will tolerate for breakfast?

The big news today is a piece of serendipity. Out of the blue I bought a single copy of a magazine that I used to read. The last time I had anything to do with them was about four years ago. I had written two book reviews and been told that they wouldn’t be using them. They were mine to publish elsewhere. Imagine my surprise when I found them both in this issue. One using Jen and the other Jennifer, another thing I found odd. I was not contacted or asked if they could still use them. So last night before bed I sent out an email to the editor/publisher. We’ll see what happens. I will give it a few days to see if I get a response. If not I have a phone number to call.

I see by the clock that I need to wrap this up. More tomorrow on the chias of today! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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