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Still Here. Barely.

Yesterday felt like complete chaos. If it could go awry it did. I got home exhausted. I did, however, have a very long conversation (an hour or more) with a customer about hockey. We talked (mostly him regaling me with stories) about hockey. Hockey when I was growing up was still a sport. You chased the puck and hit hard. And I loved it. This gentleman had been it the sport for over 40 years both as player and coach. He missed out playing for the Detroit Red Wings by a hair. More accurately a broken shoulder at the most importune time. Still, he has met and been friends with some of my hockey heroes. I honestly had a good time listening and adding my two cents here and there. I miss hockey.

It has been pouring rain since the wee hours last night. It will clear off the last of the snow but it is so dreary. We had a touch of sun and warm yesterday but… I just want to sleep some more. I asked to get out a little early today because I have to be back at 6:30am tomorrow (we’ll see if I get to sleep at all). I get out at 1pm but I also need to go to the post office and send back my damaged stuff and then hook up with a dear friend from my Younker’s days after his tattoo. Then I have a meeting tonight. My goal is to try to get the mouse cage cleaned before the meeting. I got everything else done yesterday before work. I need to check on Blue Maui (my fish) to make sure he’s ok. He isn’t too fond of me cleaning his bowl since he has to hang out in another place for a bit. I want to make sure that he hasn’t been stressed too much.

As I look across the room I see a lot of green. All my plants seem to be pushing toward Spring. I am grateful. It makes me feel as if there is still hope. I did get a nice surprise this morning. My day lily bloomed! It had all but died over the winter. I was determined to keep it and plant it outside so it could “live in the wild” and hopefully thrive instead of living in a pot. But this morning I went to check on my plants and *BOOM* there it was in all it’s glory! I can’t wait to start putting my plants outside again. They all seem to thrive out there instead of cooped up in the house. Me too.

Anyway I need to get this posted. I got up late (Stella woke me out of a dead sleep to go out around 2:30am bless her) despite my best intentions. I still need to shower and try to work on my novel. I didn’t do much with it yesterday as I hit a mental wall. But I did try. I’ll share a photo of the new day lily and get this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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