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The Business of Horror… and Me

I seem so be staying up later and later. Between research and reading… I tried the lights out but I just stare at nothing in the dark for hours. So now I read. Atleast I learn something if I can’t sleep. I also got sucked into several episodes of Eli Roth’s A History of Horror on Shudder last night. I got to hear from horror people from all the various mediums the genre takes. And it was interesting. I find the back story of not only the making of the movie endless entertainment but I also enjoy listening to people discuss horror as a serious thing, not just a bit of gore put out there for weirdoes. Horror has it’s place and represents where society as a whole is at the time it is made.

It’s warmed up slightly. It Chris was awake then I would be getting grief because I have the sliding glass door partly open. But the sun has come out so open it is. I put a blanket at the base of the bedroom door to cut out the draft. It smells a bit like Spring. The birds are certainly singing like it is. The smell of outdoors mixes well with the smell of my coffee. I am hoping for an upward trend of warmth and sunshine. Stella has spent a good 20 minutes out there after breakfast.

Friday seems to be getting busier and busier. I have an invite to a bonfire at a friend’s property that I kind of want to go to. If I go I think I will take Stella. She needs to be out more. Even if I don’t go to the bonfire I think I will take her to the park for a walk. She did well and seems to enjoy it. But I also need to clean the mouse cage, work on my novel and talk with Dad. I also need to write down the days I need off next week before I forget. That looks easy enough. The two meetings that usually fall next to one another are now the same day with one in the morning and one at night. We’ll see if that works better for me or not. There is someone willing to take my one meeting over if it doesn’t work out.

Despite the chill I might go and sit outside for a bit. I have my small table out there on the porch and a camp chair in the corner inside that I can pull out. I did get a few photos of birds yesterday that I will share. I topped up the feeder before I went to work and it was a busy place. Cardinals, blue jays, birch, sparrows….

I really ought to work on my novel this morning. I took a break yesterday and just read my comfort novel. Today I need to step back up to the plate and get moving forward on it again. I will download a few photos and then get this posted. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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