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The Writer’s Corner

It looks as though I will be heading to my writer’s conference with a friend. She is a bit intimidated by the thought of it but excited to get immersed in the world… even if only for a day. It will be nice to have someone to talk shop with again. It has been many years since I had a local fellow writer. I still need to get a first page put into my laptop and printed for the conference. That will be something for me to do Friday. After I get my article written and sent in.

I managed to get three pages done on my novel yesterday. Three! The question remains as to if this will be back story that is just for me or if it will make it into the actual novel. There is a lot of history that needs to be told so it might just end up in the novel. I have pulled out some more of my research books to go through. I am not sure how to go about things as there are specific questions I want answers to but there is a lot that I need to read through to find the answers. Do I just read what I have? Do I get more? I can hear my Mom saying, “Can’t you Google it?” That is her answer for everything. Problem is sometimes it is not on there or what is on there is not right (geez… I typed “write”). I don’t want to get lost down the rabbit hole of research because what I am writing about I find fascinating. So I am trying to be selective. Then there is just the research that I need so I can mentally see the time I am writing about instead of guessing.

I also want to do more with this blog. I keep saying that I want to do this, that and the other on here but so far I’ve done nothing. I had planned to do a book review a week on here. I just need to pick a day. I keep dropping the ball because my plate gets so full. Maybe I will start with something that might not be newly published but that people might like just the same. Then I can do without too much effort if I pick one of my favorites. Then pull in a new publication every few weeks or so. Part of me is tempted to set up another blog page for this but I think I would not be as active and thus defeat the purpose for it. So I guess I will pick a day on here and see how it goes. Maybe branch out to a different topic every few days. I don’t know. I am thinking out loud here.

I find myself staring off into space rather than typing so I guess that is a sign to wrap things up. I will sneak a few photos in today. There’s not much to see but brown but it’s better than snow. Thank you for all your wonderful comments! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

13 thoughts on “The Writer’s Corner”

      1. Do you think it is because it isn’t the right storyline? I mean if it was a storyline and plot tank that you couldn’t put down you might complete it quicker?

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      2. No. The story is compelling and I really want to know what will happen. When I make the time to work on it I get engaged. It’s just that there is a lot of negative mojo around due to my writing. It’s not taken seriously by others and thus I feel self conscious make a serious effort. Especially when others want to do things with me. My husband is trying. I guess it comes down to I don’t feel like a real writer.

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      3. Then why don’t you prove yourself wrong?

        You publish a post every single day with an average word count of 500 words. The average professional writer completes a word count of 1800 a day. With new authors/writers opting for 1000 words a day.

        So you are writing 3500 basic just in your blog every week, and l should imagine you are probably in other formats writing at least another 500 daily elsewhere. If this is the case you are producing 7000 words weekly through this blog and other projects.

        What would you say therefore is a real writer if not you already Jen?

        I think what you may need to do is not listen to others but listen to yourself and simply crack on. I mean, what would happen if you didn’t write daily in your blog but instead opted to write every second day only in your blog using the alternative time to write on your book?

        What is more important to you? your blog or completing your book and showing others that you can do it.

        once we set our minds to projects we can achieve them but we do have to believe in outselves 100% and not let others dissuade us 🙂

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      4. Thank you❤️ And you are right. I am letting myself get too scattered and ignoring myself. Today I will try to remind myself that I am a writer and just keep pushing forward.

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  1. That it so cool that you are writing a novel. I heard that can take up a lot of time. I know what you mean about having your plate always full and all the things you want to get done. I always too much on that plate of time, thinking I have enough time to do everything, never happens though.

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    1. Thank you! This will be my third that I have written. None published though. I am hoping to get this one to press.
      Here’s to hoping we both get as much done as possible!❤️


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