It’s Here Somewhere….

Ugh. We have about 3-4 inches (7-10cm) of snow now. The April Fool’s joke is on us this year. No Spring! 😡 Everyone and everything here is in dire need of a real Spring and Summer! The plants, Stella and I all want to be outside in the warm sunshine. I know my body is not reacting well to the cold temperatures. I need to spend some quality time with my plants cleaning them up and watering them. If I remember right it might be time to give them some more food spikes as well.

I am very proud to say that I have been very good at doing a little something on my novel every day this week. I want to keep that momentum going. I have one meeting Thursday night but a friend is getting a Minion tattoo and wants to get together either before or after. Then Saturday will be my big road trip down state for the writer’s conference. Those are the only things I have going on next week. I’m not sure when my day off will be besides Saturday. I hope it’s not Thursday just because I don’t want to go that long without a day off and then not be able to stay home and get things done. We’ll see.

Today I need to work on my novel, take care of the plants (I still have no idea what to do about the cucumber plant… it is getting out of control 😲), call Dad (he was upset because I did not talk to him last weekend but things were a bit busy) and maybe do some housework. I might try some yoga as well. When it is a bitter cold like this my body doesn’t do regular exercising well. But I want to do something.

My tattoo time and price have been set up! Yay! So now I can have a little something to look forward to! Ohhhhh…. I forgot I also need to work on getting my passport. Dad has been bugging me about that. He wants me to help him get a small pup for comfort. He doesn’t trust himself so he wants me there. I don’t know what to do. There is only so much time I can take off. The other thing is that he needs the dog now. Not in a few months (probably Fall between actually receiving the passport and my work schedule). I might suggest that we pick a day and he and I video chat while he interacts with the dog. But then there is getting him to find a dog to look at…. sigh. I just don’t know.

I need to wrap this up. I got suet to put out for the birds last night. Once I get that out then I can work on my novel. Or cheat and take care of my plants. It should be the novel since Chris is asleep. Watering the plants means the faucet on and off every little bit. Anyway… thanks for reading and stay safe!

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