A Little Rumpus

It is snowing. It was all gone yesterday with all the rain. But now it’s back. (Insert swear words here.) I didn’t get much sleep last night. Something we heard kept waking Stella and I. Then I could smell cigarette smoke. I got up and locked our back door then let Chris know. (We normally leave the backdoor unlocked so if I do lock it I try to remember to let Chris know so he has his keys ready.) After that I just kind of tossed and turned until he got home. I felt bad worrying him at work. I am glad I had Stella with me. I don’t like someone lurking around outside.

We have maybe half an inch of snow now. Grrrrr…. I just want my warm weather so we can be outside again! I truly don’t know what to do about my cucumber plant. It has gotten so massive and is trying to grow up anything that it can attach itself to. The other plants in the flower box have barely done anything. They look so sad. The habanero plants are doing well. I am thinking about spreading them out but for that I need to get more dirt. I might have enough pots if I put two plants per pot.

I also need to remember to get suet for the feeder tonight. I forgot again last night. I think I will check the feeder when I am finished with this. I just filled it but with the wonky weather I need to keep things topped up.

I am excited for tomorrow’s paper. It is our annual April Fool’s Issue (this year it comes out on the actual day!). I need to go to Elk Rapids and get extra copies as a lot of people at work want to read it. Everyone is intrigued about my Dogman article. I may also offer to be the one that brings papers to the store. We have a spot designated for them but we’ve not had any for a long time. I don’t know if it is because no one will bring them or what but I don’t mind making the trip. People do ask for the paper. If the roads are good tomorrow Stella and I will make the trip. If not then maybe next week before work or something.

I see by the clock that I should probably wrap this up and get going on my novel. I did get a full page written as well as several ideas going yesterday. So I need to keep my momentum going. Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments and sharing your own stories with me! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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