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Finding Direction(s)

Today will be my first day back. I feel so out of it. Maybe that will help me get back into the groove of things. I have done nothing but watch tv and play with Stella. Chris and I watched a bunch of stuff together yesterday. Neither of us felt like doing much. Stella worried me because she didn’t do anything but lay in the sun. She got up a few minutes before Chris, did not eat at all, got a little love from me and laid in the sun. When Chris got up she got her ball and went back and laid in the sun. So I hopped in the shower and took her to the store with me. I had to gas up Angus and get some groceries (I still forgot a bunch of what we needed). Stella still seemed a bit out of things when we were headed home. However once we got home she was all about it. So Chris and I made an effort to keep her busy. She happily kept chasing her ball til well after dark. We’ll see how she does today.

The sun is out but we are under a winter storm watch. No idea what the weather is gonna do. Our dog sitter turned the heat down which stressed out some of the plants. I talked to everyone and watered those that needed it yesterday. I am so not sure what to do with my monster cucumber plant. It has surpassed the trellis I put in for it to grow up and is trying to attach itself to anything it can. I have tons of yellow flowers but nothing else. I wish it would warm up so I can start taking my plants outside. It would give us more space and the plants love being back outside.

I am debating about what to do next. I need to sit down and make a list of things I can claim on my income taxes next year. I think I have five years to show a profit before it becomes classified as a hobby. I also need to work on my novel. (I didn’t yesterday because Chris got up before I was done posting and we wanted to spend the day doing things together.) I want to get a first page printed up for the conference but I also need to keep moving forward with the novel. I gave myself the excuse of the trip to put it off but now that the trip is about the novel I need to get on the stick. Or the pen as the case may be.

I am of mixed feelings about going with someone to the conference. One of the big draws for me was that I wasn’t going to know anyone. But truth be told she and her wife were good roommates in Cininnati so I am more inclined to not be too worried about having her with. I should look at the list of things going on so I can pick my poison. I still can’t believe that I am finally going to a writer’s conference! It has been so long! It is hard to keep pushing my writing when I am the only one. But maybe now that I have another local writer that I am in touch with (especially since we are doing the genre) I can be a bit more productive.

I need to wrap this up for now. I want to get started on things around here while I can. Big hugs to everyone! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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