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The Aftermath πŸ˜‰

It bothers me that I am so out of things since we’ve come back. It was an amazing experience to go to the HorrorHound Weekend but I can’t seem to find my center. I was so busy doing things and what is next that I just sit here feeling a bit lost.

One of the unique/weird things that happened over the weekend was my stress ball. We got to the building so I could get my photo op a bit early. We wandered a bit to see if there was anything to do but it was pretty much deserted. Chris went to the bathroom and I waited kind of pacing. I happened to look out the doors to the paring lot and there was a small pink and blue ball there. It was not there a few minutes ago and like I said the place was deserted. But it was at just the right time for me because I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and just wanted to be home despite all the good stuff. (Side note… I joined a Facebook group about that weekend and I guess a gal that goes every year leaves random goodies all over for people to find. Was this her?) That little stress ball has helped a lot. I verbally said thank you when I picked up the ball. And yes I did look around to see if someone had indeed dropped it. There was no one.

I am glad we went. I have many great memories. I spent yesterday (this is no exaggeration… it was a 6 plus hour documentary) watching Crystal Lake Memories on Shudder. I’m glad I did. I really enjoyed it. Poor Chris was stuck watching it too whenever he came out to spend time with me. I was fan girling a lot as I watched it. Kane Hodder, Tom Savini and Tony Todd were all in there (Tony Todd was in Jason X). I knew a lot more than I thought about the whole series.

Speaking of fan girling I think I have decided to get another tattoo. I want to get the iconic Jason mask cracked in half with Kane Hodder’s face on half. I think it will go on my right thigh. I sent my request in to my tattoo artist and he said he would pull some thing together on Tuesday (I for got he took Sunday’s off but he is awesome and still took the time out for me). So we’ll see what he comes up with for me.

On the 9th I will be driving down to Lansing for my writing conference. I may have a riding buddy. One of the gals we roomed with for the HorrorHound Weekend is also a writer and I told her about the conference. I also offered to drive if she decided to attend. I am looking forward to the writer’s conference since it will be a one day thing so I should be back the same night.

What I need to do now it wrap this up so I can start working on my novel again. I want to have a first page to show in case I am chosen to have an editor look at it. Which means I will probably end up typing part of my first draft into the laptop. The novel is far from done but I am pretty sure they don’t want to read off a piece of notebook paper. Ayway, I want to thank all of you for your comments and support! It means a lot that I can connect with others through my writing. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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