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Toto, We’re Not In Kansas… Cincinnati… Anymore

We made it back home. It was an amazing trip and I had a blast! But there were so many people! I used to be ok with situations like that but this time it was too much. That being said I did meet some fabulous people! The art that was on display there was stunning! I brought home several pieces (I will be taking pictures of all the loot for this post) and made several new friends. (If I was able to get a business card I will put that in the photo as well so that anyone interested can contact the artist.)

I got to get my photo taken with Kane Hodder (he plays Jason in Friday the 13th movies as well as a slew of other credits). He is officially my favorite anything right now. I was extremely stressed out and when I finally got to meet him I just said, “Meeting you was worth the anxiety and stress.” I heard an “Awww!” from behind the mask before I got a quick “kiss” and then we did our shot. You can see the happiness on my face.

Honestly all the celebrities there were so kind and genuinely wanted to meet their fans. They cared. My other favorite that I got to meet was Tom Savini (I did post about this the other day) and he was very down to earth. I was glad I met him on Friday because I was able to talk to both him and his handler. Saturday was a ZOO! You couldn’t really see or do anything because you were being pushed along by the force of the crowd. It was even difficult to purchase things from the vendors because I kept getting jostled around when I tried to look at things. Despite that I came home with a horde of good stuff! (Oh and I even fed a vampire my first day there! Ha!)

Since I drove there we decided that Chris would drive us home. (It made sense too since he is used to being up late with work.) The drive home slowly got worse. We had bad wind the whole time. By the time we got home it was zero visibility on our curvy roads with the winds. I had my anxiety bunny Harry with me and I had him squished paper thin the last leg of the trip. We finally pulled in the drive around 3:30am. I was wired from the drive despite the lack of sleep so I think I finally turned out the light around 4:30am.

I don’t want to go on too much since I can talk about it tomorrow as well. I’ll add my photos and get this posted. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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