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Quick Highlights 😊

This morning’s post will be short. As it turns out I don’t sleep well if I am not at home. So despite the long drive and busy, busy busy since we got here I didn’t really get any sleep last night. The morning shower helped but…

The drive here was a bit much at times. It was so windy that the semi trucks were driving at a janked angle to try to stay in their lane. It was raining pretty hard at times too. But we stopped at i-hop for breakfast and to fill up and kept going. I think we got here around 3pm or so.

I already got a bunch of goodies including some signed artwork. The level of talent here is amazing! I also got to meet Tom Savini and get his autograph.❤️ one of my favorites in the horror field. He started as a FX wizard and has added so much more over the years! He liked my butterfly tattoo on my hand too!

I also hung with some of the crazy cosplayers here. Such a fun group! I look forward to seeing what today has in store! I think breakfast and the all important coffee will be a start. As promised I will share one photo from yesterday. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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